30 Oct 2014

AELIS Group has arranged 15 transactions since 2014 and announces the opening of AELIS Group Asia

AELIS Group has enjoyed 85% business growth for aircraft sales and lease transactions in comparison with the previous year. The company is opening AELIS Group Asia, based in Jakarta Indonesia, to increase business development in the fast growing Asian region. In addition, the company is extending its reach into Central and South America and also into Africa. This year AELIS has been successful with the new business model “Aircraft Investment Solution”. It is a tailor-made benefit opportunity to bring the desired aircraft to the operator, and a foreseeable stream of revenue over a defined time frame to the investor.

“The 2014 season has so far rewritten the company’s track record. We have closed the most deals ever, expanded to new regions and our team has now grown to include more pro & dynamic members. We are especially proud to be opening our Asian entity in Jakarta this autumn because of the huge potential of existing and emerging aviation in this region. As far as our business focus is concerned, we´re proud to have become a global leader on the pre-owned ATR market, and of our VIP departments registered successes. Moreover, the goal for the next couple of months remains our turnkey real asset investment solution, which offers airlines and individual owners a wider choice of aircraft for operational improvement. The innovative concept of the Aircraft Investment Solution links private equity investors to Regional and VIP aviation, in a trustful and professional approach,” summarized Philippe Lienard, AELIS Group CEO.

AELIS Group has successfully closed 15 deals since the beginning of 2014, specifically:

  • the sale of Beechcraft King Air B200 MSN BB-1975 to Central America
  • the sale of Learjet 45 MSN 084 to the USA
  • the sale of Premier 1A MSN 149 in Europe
  • 3x sale of ATR 72-202, MSN 297, MSN 279 and MSN 299 from Eurolot’s fleet under an exclusive marketing mandate with Eurolot, to Executive Jet Support for teardown
  • ATR 72-200 MSN 350 was delivered on lease to Afrijet of Gabon by AELIS Group, under an exclusive lease marketing mandate with Willis Lease
  • the sale of 3 Pratt & Whitney engines PW124B
  • the sale of an ATR 72-200 aircraft, MSN367 to Elix Aviation Capital with a further lease attached to MAP Linhas Aéreas in Brazil, launching the Aircraft Investment Solution concept
  • the sale of ATR72-200 MSN 328 to the Greek buyer Astra Airlines, under a marketing mandate with Eurolot
  • the aircraft investment solution of ATR42-500 MSN 506, leased to Total Linhas Aéras in Brazil
  • the sale of ATR72-500 MSN 699 under the BNP Paribas marketing mandate
  • ATR72-500 MSN 699 was delivered on dry lease to Air Pegasus, a brand new start-up airline in India