1 Jul 2015

AELIS Group has been entrusted to sell another 2x cargo ATR42-320F and an ATR72-200 QC.

AELIS Group has been exclusively mandated to sell another two ATR42-320 Freighters, MSN 075 and MSN 116 by South African SOLENTA Aviation, and a ATR72-200 MSN373, Quick Change, operated by FitsAir. All 3 aircraft are available immediately. 

ATR is currently the world leader on the market for regional aircraft with 90 seat s or less. Since its creation, ATR has sold over 1,400 aircraft, and has today over 190 operators based in 90 countries.

ATR turboprop aircraft are recognized as the most eco-friendly regional airplanes and are the world benchmark in terms of efficiency, reliability and economics on short-haul routes.

For spec and visuals, feel free to contact: marketing@aelisgroup.com, +421 232 112 610

For media related inquiries, please contact: Nikola Jancovicova, marketing@aelisgroup.com, +421 232 112 610