14 Oct 2019

First ever ATR 72-600 corporate shuttle delivered!

AELIS Group successfully arranged the sale of an ATR 72-600 aircraft MSN 1235 to Brazilian

Corporation IMETAME Group.

The ATR 72-600 MSN 1235 is the FIRST EVER ATR 72-600 operated as corporate shuttle.

The choice of this modern aircraft reflects the high level of care that IMETAME gives to its 

employees, business partners and the environment.

"We are happy to upgrade our fleet with an ATR 72-600 series, the outstanding leading

aircraft in the 70 seat segment and take advantage of the latest technology innovations to

improve our services and reduce our ecological footpint. Thank you AELIS for the high

level of support to make this acquisition a success." said Gilson Pereira,

Managing Director of IMETAME Group.

"Thank you to all IMETAME team, to have chosen AELIS as partner for this world premiere!

We are proud to serve our client from origination to closing and delivery of the Aircraft.

Our main activity focus, Regional Turboprop Aviation market, is very active in 2019 and

our team is fully operational to serve the industry whenever and wherever needed.

We congratulate IMETAME to this excellent choice and wish IMETAME Group plenty of

enjoyable and profitable flights." said Philippe Lienard, CEO of AELIS Group.