25 Mar 2015

Mission accomplished: AELIS Group completed the sale of all 11 ATR aircraft and 4 spare engines of Eurolot

AELIS Group completed the Mission. Selected in 2013 by Eurolot, the Polish Regional Airline, for the marketing of its fleet of 11 ATR aircraft (9 ATR72-200 & 2 ATR42-500 for an average age of 22 years) and 4 spare engines, AELIS Group is pleased to announce the successful sale of the last aircraft from the portfolio. The final ATR 72-200, MSN 411 available for sale has been purchased by Ready 4 Aero. All aircraft were marketed and sold all around the globe to Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Great Britain, Bangladesh, Singapore and Africa.

ATR 72-200, MSN 411 sold as the last remaining aircraft from the package of 11

“On behalf of the entire company we would like to thank Eurolot for the firm belief of ability and reliability of AELIS Group, and we are very proud to announce: Mission accomplished! This is a result of an excellent cooperation and understanding between Eurolot and AELIS Group teams,” stated Philippe Lienard, CEO of AELIS Group.

“It was a real hard work, with more than 5,300 emails exchanged, thousands of phone calls and hundreds of meetings with 145 different prospects, among which 27 were Lessors or private investors and 76 Airlines or start-up airline projects,” summarized Jean-Philippe Louis from AELIS Group.

“For our airline it’s quite a symbolic moment – Eurolot Team will keep in memory ATR’s fleet, especially because those airplanes were first to operate on Polish sky. Moreover, I am genuinely satisfied with this outstanding business case and would like to thank my Team from Eurolot as well our partner AELIS Group for a very close and intense cooperation within every step of the marketing and sale process,” concluded Andrzej Juszczynski, CEO of Eurolot.


The list of marketed aircraft and engines comprised:

  • 2x ATR 42-500, MSN 559 and MSN 443
  • 9x ATR 72-200, MSN 246, MSN 265, MSN 272, MSN 279, MSN 297, MSN 299, MSN 328, MSN 402, MSN 411
  • 4x PW 124B engines

ATR turboprop aircraft are recognized as the most eco-friendly regional airplanes and are the world benchmark in terms of efficiency, reliability and economics on short-haul routes.